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We work with ideal spaces,  as imagined and real spaces. In times of spatial fragmentation, the topic of space – as physical space, social space, natural space, abstract space of networks and digital applications – becomes more important than ever. Humans need space to live at all, and they need it for reasons of integrity, and identity. They also need utopian spaces in the good sense, as a place longed for. In times of managed and abstract spaces, the need for belonging and human space is an aim of utmost importance, to keep human at all.


  Michael Johansson, Wanderlost. Book chapter, Smart Cities in the Mediterranean Springer Verlag 2018   Michael Johansson & Ulrich Gehmann,  Ideal Spaces (book chapter). About our exhibition at the Venice Architectural Biennale 2016 Palazzo Mora, Venice Italy Springer Verlag 2018   Michael Johansson, Soundscaping. Book Chapter. Enhancing Art, Culture, and Design with Technological Integration. IGI Global 2018   Michael Johansson & Ulrich Gehmann, Ideal spaces exhibition. 6th EAI […]

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Ideal Spaces, perspectives of investigation

Ideal Spaces, preliminary draft: contents considered so far (compilation: U. Gehmann, based on our discussions) (A), Mythology of Management A series of scholars were involved in this topic already (e.g. Yannis Gabriel, Martin Bowles), but despite this, it would deserve far more investigation – last but not least according to own experiences in diverse management […]

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