Project Record Ulrich Gehmann

Project Record Ulrich Gehmann (since 20071) 2016, May – November Ideal Spaces. Exhibition at Architectural Biennale Venice. At Biennale 15 th , “Collateral Events”, GAA Foundation, Ideal Spaces Palazzo Mora 2014, October 15-17 ReThinking Management Conference, Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe. Paper presentation Management, and the Myth of Functionality 2014, October 5-8 Cyberworld Conference, Santander, Spain. […]

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World Mountain Machine 2014

World Mountain Machine, Tallin, Estonia, May – August 2014 Ulrich Gehmann/Martin Reiche The World Mountain Machine shows architectural morphology as a historical process and translates it into a visual language. The spectator is offered a view of a process that develops over the course of the whole exhibition: A world mountain (a mythological expression of […]

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Dynamics of Life 2009-2010

Dynamics of Life, Dec.2009/May 2010 presented at the State Museum for Natural History, Karlsruhe Empowered by the Ministry of Science, Research & Art, Baden-Württemberg funded by the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg (Euro 367.000), initiated and basic concept by Ulrich Gehmann Shown as Timelines of Evolution at the 3DBeyond-Festival at the ZKM, Karlsruhe, May 2011, for animals […]

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